Filing a patent opposition on medicines, diagnostics, vaccines and other medical tools is not a simple matter. It takes research, determination, and time.

But the results may be literally life-saving, so we believe that it’s worth the hard work.

How this site can help

Developing and implementing a patent opposition means dealing with complex issues, and conducting in-depth research. The Patent Opposition Database can’t fight your case for you, but it can give you enough knowledge and understanding of the opposition process to build it yourself, and put you in touch with other people who might be able to help.

We provide an accessible database, so you can search for information by drug or disease name, document type (such as court cases, patent applications, patent office decisions and others), country and patent applicant. This will help you do the research on medicines and discover successful tactics used in prior cases.

This tutorial gives an outline of the steps you must take to build your opposition. Although it will give you a basic understanding of concepts around patent opposition, you will have to conduct your own research into your country’s patent laws and about the medicine whose patent you wish to contest.

As a first step, we recommend reading this tutorial all the way through, so that you gain a full picture of what lies ahead. There are many steps involved, so you may be likely to return to this tutorial many times as you work through the process.