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Patent Information

Information of patent applications filed at local or international levels, that are contributed by the users of PODB as being relevant to this medicine

Please note that PODB does not provide and guarantee the comprehensive patent landscape in all countries.

*For more knowledge of patent search, please refer to the tutorial Step 2: Patent Search & Analysis
*For more information of the patent landscape on medicines, please also refer to WHO patent landscape reports, UNITAID patent landscape reports, Medicines Patent Pool Patent Status Database

Patent Applications

The table includes information of patent applications as filed in different countries, that are contributed by PODB users as being seen as relevant to this medicine.

CountryFiling datePriority dateApplicantNational numberInternational numberStatusPatent typeMore info
South Africa05-08-1994Pfizer Inc.ZA19945894WO/1995/007271GrantedMolecules
South Africa29-01-2001Pharmacia & Upjohn Company LLCZA200205162 (Crystal form II)WO/2001/057035GrantedPolymorphs
India28-06-2002Pharmacia & Upjohn Company LLCIN208875WO/2001/057035 GrantedPolymorphsView/Comment
India03-11-2004Pharmacia & Upjohn Company LLC623/MUMNP/2004 (Divisional of IN208875)WO/2001/057035RejectedPolymorphsView/Comment

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