The Working Group on Intellectual Property (GTPI) of the Brazilian Network for the Integration of Peoples - REBRIP, brings together several civil society organizations, social movements and experts related to the subject of intellectual property and access to health care in Brazil. For public interest, GTPI works to mitigate the impact of patents on ensuring the population's access to medicines and health. The work encompasses proposing legal and administrative actions and conduct advocacy on the issue of intellectual property and access to medical innovations; to actively monitor the international negotiations on intellectual property in which Brazil is involved; to monitor and focus the debate on intellectual property in the legislature; to influence public opinion in order to show the social impacts of trade agreements and the abuse of the intellectual property system; and deepening ties with organizations in the global south of civil society who are active on the issue of intellectual property and expanding access to health and pharmaceutical care.

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Information related to relevant oppositions from around the world.

Patent Oppositions

The table includes oppositions aimed at contesting patents covering this drug. Note that at the country level, several patent applications can cover the same drug.

Please pay attention not only to the patent opposition, but also to the patent application it relates to, see column "Related Patent Application". To better identify similarities, the column "Patent Type" indicates a general classification of the patent. Arguments used to contest a specific type of patent may apply for another that fits in the same category.

CountryDateWho FiledOpposition typeOpposition statusPatent typeRelated patent applicationMore info
Brazil01-12-2006GTPIPre-GrantRejectedMoleculesPP1101190-4 (Divisional of PP1100397-9)View/Comment
Brazil01-12-2006GTPIPre-GrantUnknownSalts and OthersPI9811045-4View/Comment
Brazil05-11-2009GTPIPre-GrantRejectedIndicationPI9816239-0 (Divisional to PI9801145-4) View/Comment
Brazil20-08-2010GTPIPre-GrantUnder ExaminationCombinationPI0406760-6View/Comment
Brazil20-08-2010GTPIPre-GrantUnder ExaminationCombinationPI0406760-6View/Comment
Brazil27-11-2015ABIAPre-GrantUnder ExaminationFormulationsPI0509595-6View/Comment
Brazil13-04-2016ABIAPre-GrantUnder ExaminationSalts and OthersPI0112646-6View/Comment
Brazil12-05-2015GTPIPre-GrantUnder ExaminationMoleculesPI0410846-9 e divisionais (PI0419342-­3, PI0419343-­1, PI0419344-­0, PI0419345-8) - WO2005003147View/Comment
Brazil29-07-2016GTPI - Grupo de Trabalho sobre Propriedade IntelectualPre-GrantUnder ExaminationMoleculesPI0410846-9 - WO2005003147View/Comment
Brazil17-03-2017GTPI - Grupo de Trabalho sobre Propriedade IntelectualPre-GrantUnder ExaminationMoleculesPI0809654-6 - WO2008121634View/Comment
Brazil25-11-2016GTPI - Grupo de Trabalho sobre Propriedade IntelectualPre-GrantUnder ExaminationMoleculesPI0716483-1 - WO2008021927View/Comment
Brazil13-04-2016GTPI - Grupo de Trabalho sobre Propriedade IntelectualPre-GrantUnder ExaminationFormulationsPI0112646-6 - WO200208241View/Comment
Brazil01-11-2016GTPI - Grupo de Trabalho sobre Propriedade IntelectualPre-GrantUnder ExaminationCombinationPI0406760-6 - WO2004064845View/Comment
Brazil13-09-2017GTPIPre-GrantUnder ExaminationMoleculesPI0610030-9 (WO2006116764)View/Comment
Brazil21-08-2019GTPI - Grupo de Trabalho sobre Propriedade IntelectualPre-GrantUnder ExaminationMoleculesPI0610030-9 (US 2006/016604 - WO 2006/116764)View/Comment
Brazil07-05-2020ABIA/GTPIPre-GrantUnder ExaminationSalts and OthersPI07196938View/Comment
Brazil07-05-2020ABIA/GTPIPre-GrantUnder ExaminationSalts and OthersPI07196938View/Comment

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