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About Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust

Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust was founded in 1995 to ensure basic human rights for injecting drug users (IDUs) in and around Mumbai. Sankalp’s threefold mission is to minimize the spread of blood-borne viruses including HIV / AIDS, provide medical and psychological support for IDUs, and rehabilitate and reintegrate drug users into society.

Working with a primarily migrant and street-based population, Sankalp is committed to improving the lives of drug users through its progressive strategy of ‘Harm Reduction’. Harm Reduction involves a range of support services aimed to reduce the harms associated with the use of illicit drugs. With its services, Sankalp strives to create a safe environment for drug users by providing them access to health education and decreasing the risks associated with drug use, while offering opportunities for long term recovery.

Contact details

Address: Dr Babasaheb Jaykar Marg, Kranti Nagar, Mangal Wadi, Girgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004

Sankalp Chhaya, Mumbai Central: +91 22 6575 9545
Sankalp Saarthi, Kurla (W): +91 22 3262 4560
Sankalp Kiran, Ulhasnagar: +91 92 2424 6047
Sankalp Arzoo, Bhiwandi: +91 89 7616 3856
Sankalp Disha, Detoxification Centre, Vasai: +91 02 5020 2270

  • Phone +91-22 6525 2685

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Patent Oppositions

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CountryDateWho FiledOpposition typeOpposition statusPatent typeRelated patent applicationMore info
India30-01-2015Sankalp Rehabilitation TrustPre-GrantRefused first but granted later. In the process of appealMolecules6087/DELNP/2005View/Comment
India25-08-2014Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust, Hepatitis C Coalition of Nagaland (HepCon) and Asia Network of Positive People (APN+)Pre-GrantOpposition withdrawnPro-Drug3658/KOLNP/2009View/Comment

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