A anti-tuberculosis drug belonging to nitroimidaozoles class. It is used to treat multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis in combination with other anti-tuberculosis drugs.

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Patent Applications

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CountryFiling datePriority dateApplicantNational numberInternational numberStatusPatent typeMore info
India08-04-2005OTSUKA PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. IN250365 (600/KOLNP/2005)WO/2004/033463GrantedMoleculesView/Comment
India09-05-2007OSTUKA PHARMACEUTICAL CO. LTD. 1647/KOLNP/2007 (Divisional to 600/KOLNP/2005)WO/2004/033463RejectedSalts and OthersView/Comment
India18-12-2007OTSUKA PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. IN253642 (9790/DELNP/2007)WO/2007/013477GrantedCompositionsView/Comment
India27-03-2008 OTSUKA PHARMACEUTICAL CO. LTDIN268015 (1255/KOLNP/2008) WO/2007/043542GrantedCombinationView/Comment

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