Hepatitis C
Patent oppositions filed in
China and India

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Patent Information

Information of patent applications filed at local or international levels, that are contributed by the users of PODB as being relevant to this medicine

Please note that PODB does not provide and guarantee the comprehensive patent landscape in all countries.

*For more knowledge of patent search, please refer to the tutorial Step 2: Patent Search & Analysis
*For more information of the patent landscape on medicines, please also refer to WHO patent landscape reports, UNITAID patent landscape reports, Medicines Patent Pool Patent Status Database

Patent Applications

The table includes information of patent applications as filed in different countries, that are contributed by PODB users as being seen as relevant to this medicine.

CountryFiling datePriority dateApplicantNational numberInternational numberStatusPatent typeMore info
India11-03-2016Gilead Pharmasset LLC201627008488WO/2015/030853Under ExaminationCombinationView/Comment
India11-03-2016Gilead Pharmasset LLC201627008488WO2015030853Under ExaminationCombinationView/Comment

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Information related to relevant oppositions from around the world.

Patent Oppositions

The table includes oppositions aimed at contesting patents covering this drug. Note that at the country level, several patent applications can cover the same drug.

Please pay attention not only to the patent opposition, but also to the patent application it relates to, see column "Related Patent Application". To better identify similarities, the column "Patent Type" indicates a general classification of the patent. Arguments used to contest a specific type of patent may apply for another that fits in the same category.

CountryDateWho FiledOpposition typeOpposition statusPatent typeRelated patent applicationMore info
China13-12-2017Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)OtherUnder ExaminationCombinationCN 201480047195.3View/Comment
India09-07-2018Delhi Network of Positive People (DNP+)Pre-GrantAwaiting ExaminationCombination201627008488View/Comment
India28-12-2022Low Cost Standard Therapeutics Pre-GrantUnder ExaminationCombination201627008488View/Comment

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